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Like it or not we live in a materialistic world, money can buy happiness and money can buy power. It’s just a fact.

After the corona lockdown, there is lot of financial instability due to increasing inflation, layoffs by companies and small-time business haven taken a big toll. These uncertainties have caused us lot of worry. So, its wise to try to create new income source.

Earning few extra bucks can be fulfilling and more over compounding your hard-earned money can be very satisfying. This is feeling is exactly like when we were kids, we used to wait for pocket money from parents or whenever we used to visit relatives house, they would give you some cash you wish to spend on your favorite toy or chocolates.

My parents never taught me anything about finance or nor did we get taught about this in our school, it’s the same case with any other middle class Indian family.

Luckily, I got interested in personal finance once I received my first paycheck, but I only invested in debt funds as my Citi bank would only allow me to invest in it as per my risk level. But that was first step in right direction, I started learning about investing and trading during pandemic and really got hooked.

I am lacking discipline as of now but with this blog I will try to tackle this and build great wealth believing in the great Indian story in the coming years.

With Your pocket money blog, I want to take you to my journey of earning few extra bucks from the financial market or any other way. I will be sharing new articles about personal finance, trading ideas and also investing ideas for long-term wealth creation. 

Learn more to Earn more.

So, Lets start our new journey! 

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